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Philosophy of Music Education

Certainly, by definition, the primary function of a music educator is the

guiding of students into becoming competent musicians. The role of a music

educator, however, must go far deeper than that. Music has its deepest roots in the

very essence of what makes us human. Therefore, a music educator must rise

beyond the minimum to the ideal. A music educator must not only be a

manufacturer of melody, but must also be a nurturer of creativity. Creativity is

among the most fundamental means for us to progress and even survive as a

species. Therefore it is my duty and privilege as a music educator to find this spark

of creativity inside of every student and nurture it to fruition.

Most of us, if we were lucky, had that one teacher while they were growing up

that we will always remember because they helped shape the adult we would

become. My goal as an educator is to always strive to be that teacher for my


A music educator introduces students to an invaluable tool that they can

carry with them wherever they go in life. Not all students will go on to be

professional musicians but, in the entering of my classroom, they open themselves

to the possibility of allowing music to touch and shape their lives. Music allows us

to express ourselves in ways no other medium permits. As Gustav Mahler once said,

"If a composer could say what he had to say in words, he would not bother trying to

say it in music." I will provide my students with the language of music; the benefits

of which they will reap for the rest of their lives. Above all I will always ensure that

their program is one that they and their community may look upon with pride.

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